Industry Connections LP

by Hideous Sun Demon

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2nd LP by Perth Cartoon Extreme Power Punx Hideous Sun Demon.
Out on Pilerats Records/Warner Australia 2016
cheerz doggo


released October 29, 2016

All music and playing by Vincent Buchanan-Simpson, Jake Suriano, Andrew Campbell and Blake Hart

All words by Vin except "VITA Z" by Andy and Vin

Shred-till-dead solo in "Monogamy" by Alec Thomas

Recorded to tape by Broderick Madden-Scott

Mixed by Stuart Mackenzie

Mastered @ Crystal Mastering

Cover Photo by George Foster

LP art by Vin



all rights reserved


Hideous Sun Demon Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Cul-de-Sac Vision
The levee breaks on the urban sea
Naive expression hysterectomy
And here I stand on the astrogreen
With Midland Brick overriding me

Black roof lifestyle, garage door
Easy access to the high school and the hardware store
And yeah its smooth living just you and your girl
Coz your Cul-De-Sac Vision lets you block out the world

Dirty windows, rising damp
Hit that shit out of the field and let the world advance
Coz its archaic atrocity
And you can’t adhere to historical anomaly

The levee breaks on the urban sea
Naive expression hysterectomy
And here I stand on the astrogreen
With Midland Brick overriding me

Meta Highway City speel
Plastic bag stuffed in your mouth yeah man you keep it real
And when you step outside and get in your car
Your minds a vehicle to evolve to a metrostar
200 inches premium iron
Aluminium thought process seeing you in your prime
Yeah and your girls bikini fits real nice
Must be easy sitting pretty with your head in a vice

I’ll never march to the stone parade
The sun won’t set though the light may fade
And here I stand, wipe my dirty ass
And here I stand amongst the artefacts
Track Name: 24HR Dinger Party Banga Mix
Pow I’m in the living room
I’m crawling on the mat
And if the shit falls through
we’ll have to deal with that

I’m a hundred and ten
And I’ve never been flat
You can call me a liar
But your mixtape was crap

And now I’m feeling good
I’ve got it in the bag
My crotch in position
so that my shit don’t sag

And if I caught on fire
I would be just as hot
So you can stand in awe
Whilst you suck on my snot

And now I’m on the floor
The walls are falling in
My brain has swollen to
The size of what I’m in

I think I’m bleeding out
I am a dying breed
And if these walls fall down
Well then that shit will feed

And now I’m freaking out
This isn’t what I am
My crotch is looking small
But is this who I am?

Air comes out from my mouth
From where it won’t return
So you can stand in awe
Yeah you can feel me burn

Track Name: Saddboi
Don’t go home coz I’m not there nah
I’m a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

Apologise to mum and my dad coz
I’m a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

Maybe when the things I pretend
Come bubbling out all through the other end then

I’ll come out and show all my friends that
I’m a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

And now
When everything is loud
Coz I don’t really care what you say
I’m wanna do you real slowly man

Hey you, you die
Right now
You die
You die

Don’t be mad coz I was not there man
I’m a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

Far outside the realm of understanding
There’s a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

Soggy pride dried out from inside
It cracks just like glass, it opens so wide man
Nonchalance never justified nah
I’m a sad boy
I’m a sad boy

Now stretch
Combine the more with less
Coz I don’t give a fuck what you say
I went and did you real slowly man

So you can die
Yeah you can die
You will die
Hey you
Right now
You die
You fry
You die
If its real then
It can be cured then
I’m not above falling from another sentience
to die
We die
You die
Track Name: ForeignSoil
That’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil
That’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil
I know my daddy got his head blown up against the wall
I seen my daddy get his head thrown up against the wall
On the floor, Dad no more
Spilling over Foreign Soil

Going fast coz I’m riding on my motorbike
Police come and they confiscate my motorbike
Public Transport on the way home isn’t what I like
Verbal disease on the way home isn’t what I like
All my life, no more bike
Foreign Living Foreign Life

Coz that’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil
Yeah that’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil
Yeah that’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil
Yeah that’s what happens when you fly your flag on Foreign Soil

Heavy living I don’t care
Yeah it’s the
It’s the frame I don’t like

Fast moving I don’t care
Coz I go
I go fast as I like

But when it wains I hate the hesitating

Slim minded I don’t care
Those people
Those people are who the are

Transparent I don’t care
But maybe
Maybe I’ve gone too far

Coz when it rains it comes right through the ceiling

Progression is the word
It describes who we are
Transcendence ain’t absurd
When your vision is marred

But hate is hate and hate is so unfeeling
Track Name: Monogamy
You been calling me a bad guy
I see you crawling in the back on your back with my third eye
What you do that for anyway
Feel you grab me round my neck had you vexed by my disarray
Because it’s worse than you thought
You’re forced to resort
To resigning to my timing
As your life surmounts to nought
Because its not what you feel
Beyond what is real
Mental prism is a prison
Play you like a glockenspiel
And the chance that you had
Was a chance you didn’t grab
Now your life is wrapped in plastic
Sealed up in a ziplock bag
And it’s not what is hers
It’s not what is his
I’m gonna have a kid with you
And I don’t even care what your name is

i’m not interested in clarity
Project an image watch it warp and contort your reality
My vibe will leave you here petrified
Inclined to rewind and resign the design you thought was bonafide
And if you start to protest
Your pride I’ll ingest
Let you struggle in the puddle
Of the discharge from your chest
Coz its more than you are
It feeds off bizzare
It torments you in your sleep
So don’t be calling me a liar
Cause it's past boiling point
It fiends off disjoint
And dead-arm stimulation
Leaves you bloated and annoyed
And if time’s in the past
Then time’s what you missed
I’m gonna have a kid with you
And I don’t even care what your name is


For you and me
Track Name: Oscillate

Whats your deal man
Are you for real man
I’m getting tired of you
Living in my orifice

Whats your plan man
You smell like HamJam
I’ve seen the bits of faeces
Jump from your oesophagus

Why don’t you go man
Don’t block my flow man
I’ve seen you squirm in your half-baked
Layman’s critical shit

Coz I'm the real deal
Yeah I'm the real kill
You’re just a bitch man
You don’t know the half of it

Woah I wake up in the morning watch my mind ejaculate
It doubles in itself and within that it procreates
It smells like metal burns like rubber as it ovulates
It drills into your ear
Don’t fuck me whilst I oscillate

I keep it cool man
All in my pool man
I’m getting tired of all your half-baked
Laymans critical shit

Coz I’m the real deal
Yeah I’m the real kill
You’re just a bitch man
You don’t know the half of it
Track Name: VITA Z
On the floor
Triple A
Have some more
Ain't it cool
Try relax
By the pool

And everyday and all the time
Melting in the sun is fine
Christmas biscuit aint so great
When you know in the fridge there's some raw cold meat

From your chest
Suck it up
Get undressed
Do it all
Ain't so great
Could be worse

I'm running to a circle
Track Name: The Drib
The Drib the Drab it’s all you have
The apathy it makes you grab
Onto that which projects itself
Solidify your Social Health

Escape mundane reality
Of finite grey philosophy
Become one who will dominate
In silky streams it will lactate

Eject the parts that act too loud
Indulge in fruits that now surround
In sycophantic fantasy
In alphamalic ecstasy

You are not what you will become
You are results of work undone
Embrace the light of perception
Of communal integration

Walk into the party watching everybody fall
See how people treat you different with their back against the wall
Putting substance to persona only gonna get you hurt
Open distain to remove all the shit stains from your shirt
Communal malice leaves a callous that you cannot stand to bare
So engage in mass approval so you stand upon your chair
And when you rise up to the peak of your hideous grand spiral
Absolutely absolute and insidiously viral

The Hot the Heat it rains defeat
On faculty now obsolete
The image now can serve itself
And writhe about in bloody wealth

Defy the loss of possession
Of value lost to obsession
And walk into the Holy Light
The glory of a Friday night

And when it goes it goes away
The mythical it can not stay
When people go outside themselves
I can’t exist as someone else

So circumsize yourself to see
The raw pink truth of fallacy
And cower in the fact revealed
The naked drib will not repeal
Track Name: Paesthetix
You’ll never get it
You’ll never get it
You’ll never get it
You’ll never get it

Your friends they get it
But you don’t get it
You never get it
You’ll never get it

Maybe one day
They might just share it
But until then
You’ll never get it

Table begging
Ugly aesthetic
False Attraction
Feels so pathetic

Am I doing alright
Can someone validate me quietly
Paesthetic Man

It tastes like dribble
It feels like dribble
But is it dribble
Yeah is it dribble

Is narcissism
A part of living
Cranial Prison
It’s leaking dribble

And if I know
That it’s not working
Then why do I
Pretend it’s working

Broken circuit
Is not a circuit
It’s not worth it
It isn’t worth it

Mind's been nullified
And as I slip away quietly
I bite myself
Track Name: Superlotion
Never again Never Again
Never again again everyday
They might again but then again
They only ever got in your way

But in a way its all Ok
Tomorrow will be yesterday
Quickly and maybe
Then in your head never again
Never again again it’s a shame

Back in the world the dead-eyed world
People falling apart every day
They coexist as non-exist
When you resist you’re falling away

But if you try to rectify
you’ll get to live before you die
Then maybe I will

Never again Never Again
Never again in your brain

Back in your head is it dead
Or is it living slowly
Down in your bed the inbred
Bad thoughts are easy flowing
Never believe or concede
To that transparent notion
Never again in your head
I am the SuperLotion
Track Name: Grey Massage
My brain isn’t here
Did you hear what I said
Coz if I’m going to bed
I’m going to bed
And if I am not here anymore
I’m going to bed

Can’t feel myself
Because I’m out of my head
And if I can’t feel myself
Then nobody will
And if I don’t look out for myself
Then nobody will

Assure myself I am large
Tell all the ladies I’m hard
Yo girl I ain’t no facade


Back in my bed
Isolated again
I know who I am
Away from my friends
So I cut myself off
Don’t need any friends

Fooling around
To determine my worth
And when I can’t fool myself
I’m back in the earth
Yeah I’ll commit to myself
Commit to the earth

You see me out on a roll
I’m working up my patrol
I’m violating your soul

Over again
Over and over again
It’s what I say to myself
When I can’t pretend
What I’ll say to myself
Till I reach the end

Dangerous thought
Leaves me flat on the ground
And it’s all that I am
When I’m not around
And you see what I am
When I’m not around


I’m not crazy I’m just lacking restraint
And I won’t commit to something if it’s something I aint
I’m not over I just went out of style
Took a trip to psychotropics and I stayed for a while
Common sense is a transparent wall
Felt my head collapse on cement felt like nothing at all
And I’m not stupid just don’t know who I am
So I live in sullen stupor with my fist on my ham